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Christian Sex
Therapy Training

For 16 Sessions in just 8 days you will become educated in this ever growing topic of concern

Building the groundwork

This course counts towards American Board of Christian Sex Therapists (ABCST)
Sex Therapy Certification. Learn more about this certification.


Become educated in just 16 sessions over the course of 8 days. One session in the morning and one in the afternoon. For just 8 hours a day you will be able to help over half of America who reports sexual/couple related issues. Learn to treat sexual disorders including low sexual desire, sexual pain, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and sexual trauma.


This online course allows you to Zoom in within the comfort of your own home on the training dates and times listed down below. Can’t make one of the dates, no worries, the on-demand video of the training will be available following the training date. Including On-Demand access to training for 1-Year following training.


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What if you are only interested in one or two topics? At $295 per session, you can customize your education.

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Sex Therapy Training Course Details

Training will be 9am-6pm EST with an hour break from 1-2pm

May 19th

AM: Essentials I: Anatomy, Development, Self-of Therapist, and Assessment I. More Session Details

PM: Essentials II: History, Medical Aspects of Sexuality, Assessment II History of the Treatment of Sexual Problems. More Session Details

June 16th

AM: Intimacy Skills and Treatment (or Intimacy: Culture, Assessment, and Treatment). More Session Details

PM: Treatment of Sexual Problems: Strategy & InterventionsTreatment II: EIS Model Intro & Overview. More Session Details

June 30th

AM: Process of Integration of Sex Therapy and Theology in Treatment. More Session Details

PM: Addiction and Sexuality. Assessment & Treatment of Sexual and Co-Addiction. More Session Details

July 14th

AM: Sexual Trauma and Abuse. Therapist Self-care during Trauma Treatment. More Session Details

PM: Gender, Sexual Attraction, and Sexual Identity. Genital Considerations: Intersex conditions & Genital Alterations. More Session Details

August 11th

AM: EIS Model Sex Therapy. Areas of Treatment: Communication, Body Image, Friendship, Touch, Sensuality & Sexuality. More Session Details

PM: The Sex Therapy Profession. Legal and Ethical Issues in Sexual Treatment & Research. More Session Details

August 25th

AM: Sexual and Reproductive Issues, STDs, and the Pelvic Floor. More Session Details

PM: Treating, Assessment, Influences, & Increasing of Sexual Desire. More Session Details

September 8th

AM: Couples Recovery from Addiction and Infidelity. More Session Details

PM: Illness, Disease, Cancer, and Sexuality. More Session Details

October 6th

AM: Sexual Assault and Sexual Offenders. Legal definitions of Sexual Offending. More Session Details

PM: Advanced Treatment: Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction. More Session Details

Dr. Jennifer Konzen

Founder of The Center of Sexuality

Dr. Konzen is the director of The Center for Sexuality in San Diego, CA. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a certified sex therapist through ABCST (American Board of Christian Sex Therapists), and a certified chemical dependency counselor. She is also a nationally award-winning researcher, an international speaker, the author of The Art of Intimate Marriage and Redeemed Sexuality, and an adjunct professor at Alliant International University, San Diego and online at Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology. Read Dr. Konzen’s full bio here.

  • Psy.D., Marriage and Family Therapy, Alliant International University, 2014
  • M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy, Alliant International University, 2009
  • B.A., Musical Theatre and Vocal Performance, Arizona State University, 1987
Specialized Training:
  • CST, Certified Sex Therapist
  • CCDC, Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor
  • Eating Disorder, Neurological Assessment, Music Therapy, Play Therapy



This intermediate level training is recommended to all professionals who counsel, including psychiatrists, psychologists, family physicians, social workers, psychiatric nurses, counselors, pastors and clergy, and students training in these professions.

  • Demonstrate knowledge about common milestone events in the formation of sexual identity to assessment in clinical practice.
  • Apply knowledge about religious identity to assessment in clinical practice.
  • Practice competence in helping clients to navigate sexual and religious identity conflicts in a client-centered manner.
  • Identify dominant stories (problem narratives) from multiple sources of influence in a client’s life.
  • Create a counter-narrative that reflects congruence in a client-centered manner.

  • All Sales are final – no refunds for cancelled registrations.
  • There is no conflict of interest or commercial support for this program.
  • For questions or concerns contact

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